The House is in Session

This past Tuesday marked the beginning of the 2024 General Legislative Session. This has already been a productive week full of legislation and debates that will greatly benefit Utah. I am grateful to be back with my colleagues, working hard each day to pass Legislation that will have a meaningful impact on our community. I am honored to serve each of you. Make sure you follow along with the process, in person or online at

Each year, the House Majority Caucus prepares for the upcoming Legislative session by identifying its key policy priorities — what we most want to accomplish to benefit our state. Over the last year, our Legislators have worked tirelessly to identify problems and drafting policy solutions for Utah. This session, the Majority Caucus has identified four key areas of focus: People, Resources, Accountable Government, and Future. This legislative session, we will pass policies that address today’s problems and create generational benefits for our constituents, for our future, and for Utah.

We are blessed to live in such an incredible state and the Nation is beginning to take notice of how truly extraordinary Utah is. This past year alone we received accolades such as the Best Overall State, Best Economy, Best State to do Business, and many more. One of the key contributors to all these accomplishments is our state’s commitment to fiscal responsibility. While neighboring states are facing deficits approaching the billions, Utah stands as an example of financial prudence. Our constitution requires the Legislature to pass a balanced budget, which will ensure that Utah can continue to prosper, now and for generations to come.

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