Week 2 of the 2024 Legislative Session

Another week completed and my colleagues and I are working diligently to make meaningful changes For Utah. This past week, we passed several priority bills, including one to reduce regulatory barriers for Utah startups and another to increase criminal penalties for drug distributors. The next five remaining weeks will continue to be full of purposeful legislation to improve the lives of all Utahns. Make sure you follow along in person or online at le.utah.gov.

Utah has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources that make our state a great place to live, work, and play. We believe in being good stewards of our lands and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our natural wonders, which is why members of our body have formed the Environmental Stewardship Caucus. A strong economy and a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive. We are committed to finding solutions that achieve both.

This upcoming week, we will hear and vote on several bills to strengthen Utah’s energy. Utah’s abundant energy resources and generation capacity provide reliable, affordable, and dispatchable power to energize our homes and economy. Utah has embraced an all-of-the-above approach that welcomes traditional and renewable energy sources as well as innovative new potential energy systems. We will continue to push back against onerous federal regulations and shifting demands from outside entities that threaten this approach, and we will ensure Utah's energy policy is driven by Utah interests.

My Bills that Passed Committee

H.B. 75 Paid Leave Modifications

H.B. 140 Amendments to Custody and Parent-time

H.B.145 Veterinary Telehealth Amendments

H.B. 147 Threat of Violence Amendment

H.B. 157 Child Custody Factor Amendments

H.B. 223 Airport Weapon Possession Amendments

My Bills that Passed the House

H.B. 77 Division of Human Resource Management Amendments
H.B. 87 Department of Government Operations Revisions