Child Welfare Reform:

Child welfare is a complex issue by nature. As a strong advocate for parental rights, I am solidly opposed to creating a “nanny state” however I do believe we have a moral obligation to protect our most vulnerable when they sincerely need our help. As a foster parent, I’ve witnessed the system work successfully to reunify and strengthen families but there are also many areas where improvement is desperately needed. A strong family is essential to society. We must preserve it whenever possible but minimize the damage to these priceless individuals when that’s not an option.

2nd Amendment:

I am a gun owner, a hunter, and strongly believe that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I am a proponent of constitutional carry and opposed to red flag laws which violate due process.


Having lived in Eagle Mountain for the last 11 years and Saratoga Springs before that, I am intimately familiar with the traffic needs facing our community. As a member of the Eagle Mountain City Council, I was involved with the Mountainland Association of Governments, who determine where regional transportation dollars are spent, and UDOT as they completed the environmental impact study for the eventual expansion of SR-73. Our district is growing rapidly and having an experienced advocate working with the city is critical to ensuring the needs of our area are met.


I am a firm believer in limited government. While some taxation is necessary for things such as basic infrastructure, we must be completely transparent about the process and where our money is being spent. I am a strong advocate for truth in taxation and will continue my track record of pushing for streamlined processes and reducing government waste.

Economy & Job Creation:

My husband and I built and managed our business here in Utah for 12 years. Our company was instrumental in helping some of our clients bring manufacturing back to Utah from other countries by streamlining manufacturing processes. This involvement has given me a unique perspective on what small companies need to succeed as well as larger corporations. As a member of the city council, I was also part of recruiting the Facebook data center and Tyson Foods to Eagle Mountain as well as supporting a number of small mom and pop shops.


I am an advocate for parental choice and involvement in education. I do not believe there is any one size fits all solution. We can strengthen our existing public education system by paying teachers appropriately, continuing to push back on federal involvement, and strengthening parental involvement. I sincerely believe teachers have a profound impact on our children’s lives and am eternally grateful to the teachers from my childhood who went above and beyond to help me become my best self. I am also a supporter of charter schools, private schools and homeschooling when that is what a parent decides is best for their family. My husband was homeschooled as a child and with our own children, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to explore different educational modalities to find the best fit for our family. I believe we should do our best to support all avenues to education to ensure the best future for our society.